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10 Easy Steps to a Healthy Heart

Even if you follow just the first seven (7) tips below (and don’t smoke, of course), you’ll reduce the chance of having a heart attack by as much as 90 percent compared to a typical person your age!1. Walk 30 minutes a day every day, no matter what. Walking a half-hour a day decreases the […]

Why are Veneers right for you?

Veneers Solve a Variety of Dental Problems to Give You the Perfect Smile in Just a Few Easy Visits.Whether your teeth are discolored or chipped, or moderately crooked, Veneers is likely a perfect solution for you. Take this quick and easy self-assessment. Look through the indications below to see if you might be a candidate […]

Root Canal Therapy

Underneath your tooth’s outer enamel and within the dentin is an area of soft tissue called the pulp, which carries the tooth’s nerves, veins, arteries and lymph vessels.  Root canals are very small, thin divisions that branch off from the top pulp chamber down to the tip of the root.  A tooth has at least […]

Fluoride & Your Health

What is Fluoride, and why is it good for my teeth?Fluoride is a compound of the element fluorine, which is found universally throughout nature in water, soil, air and in most foods. Existing abundantly in living tissue as an ion, fluoride is absorbed easily into tooth enamel, especially in children’s growing teeth. Once teeth are […]

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Bad breath (halitosis) is not a condition to take lightly. It can affect your confidence, your intimacy and your ability to connect with others. If you are like the other 80 million Americans suffering from halitosis, you have probably tried everything to cure it, mints, different flavored gums, and many types of these burning, store-brand […]