After CavityShield Fluoride Varnish

After the application of CavityShield you will feel a coating and may notice a difference in color while the varnish remains on your teeth. To obtain the maximum benefit during the 4 – 6 hour treatment period, we ask that you take the following care after you leave our office:

  • Do not remove CavityShield by brushing or flossing for at least 4 – 6 hours.
  • If possible, wait until tomorrow morning to resume normal oral hygiene.
  • Eat a soft food diet during the treatment period.
  • Avoid hot drinks and products containing alcohol (i.e.: beverages, oral rinses, etc.) during the treatment period.

A thorough brushing and flossing will easily remove any remaining CavityShield. Your teeth will return to the same shine and brightness as before the treatment.