After Surgery (Extraction)

What Can I Expect After Surgery

  1. Do not rinse your mouth during the day of surgery. Repeated rinsing may slow down clotting.
  2. Over the area of surgery gauze will be placed, and you will be asked to bite down for ten (10) minutes. Please change the gauze and replace it with the gauze you will be given.  Do this every ten (10) minutes for approximately two to three hours or until bleeding has stopped.  If prescribed, use ice packs on the outside of your face on the area that surgery was performed, using the following pattern…on 15 minutes, off 15 minutes…for approximately one (1) hour.
  3. Avoid extremely hot or cold liquids, and spicy foods.
  4. Avoid carbonated and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours.
  5. Do not smoke!!! Do not smoke for at least one (1) week.
  6. Do not use straws for at least one (1) week.
  7. Avoid hard or crunchy foods such as steak, chips, hard rolls, etc. Eat soft foods for the first day or two.
  8. Maintain adequate daily fluid intake (juices, soup, etc.).
  9. If sutures have been placed they may need to be removed with two (2) to ten (10) days.
  10. Place an old towel on your pillow for the first night, there may be slight oozing.
  11. It is important to keep your mouth clean following surgery. Use a soft toothbrush and be gentle in the area where surgery was performed.
  12. If you are drowsy or unaware do not drive a motor vehicle.
  13. No physical exercise (jogging, swimming, etc.) for the first few days.
  14. Take prescribed medications as instructed. Never take medication on an empty stomach.
  15. Do not take aspirin or aspirin products.
  16. During healing, you may notice tiny bone fragments working their way through the gums. We can easily remove them, if they are annoying.
  17. Please schedule your post-operative appointment as necessary.
  18. Do not rinse vigorously for one (1) week, this slows healing.

Please call our office if any conditions should arise that cause concerns.  (504) 831-6900.

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