After a Crown or Bridge

What Can I Expect After A Crown and Bridge Preparation?

  1. Increased tooth sensitivity is common after you have a crown or bridge cemented.  In most situations this sensitivity will gradually decrease.  If this sensitivity does not gradually decrease, or gets worse, please call our office.
  2. Please wait at least two (2) hours after your crown or bridge has been placed, before you eat on it. Also, please eat soft foods for the first 24 hours after having a crown or bridge cemented.
  3. As always, good oral hygiene is a must, (brush and floss regularly). When flossing around a crown, pull the floss between your teeth, instead of snapping it up and down. If you have had a bridge placed, you will be given a special aid, called a floss threader, to assist flossing under your bridge. 
  4. After your appointment, if it seems that your crown does not “feel” right, please call our office so we may evaluate and adjust your crown.
  5. Call Alana or Jennifer if necessary Bucktown Dental Care Phone Number (504) 831-6900.
  6. Enjoy your new crown or bridge!!!!

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